What is Vegan Junk Box?

So many vegan snacks are sugar free, gluten free, fun free, cardboard-tasting bags of sh*t.

Vegan Junk Box is here to change that.

Frustrated with treats that didn’t really feel like treats, we started our mission to find the best tasting vegan snacks around. And now we’re sharing them with you, you lucky lucky thing. You’ll get a box every month full of only the best, most tastiest vegan snacks.

Our Ethos

Treats should be treats.

No more “It’s OK… for a VEGAN biscuit”. We’re dedicated to finding the best vegan biscuits, sweets, chocolates and savory snacks.

Vegan Junk Food as it should be.

Who are we?

We’re just two vegans on a mission with a crack team of vegans, veggies and omnis helping us taste-test our favourite snacks to make sure we never utter the immortal words, ‘does this taste like cheese? I can’t remember anymore’.

Dr Slug, Co-Founder

Not that kind of doctor, Slug is a scientist. Born in Salisbury, raised in Dorset, Slug spent over 10 years living in Nottingham before settling back in the South West (ish.)

A savoury-seeking salty sea dog, you can find Slug munching on anything crispy, crunchy or slathered in soy sauce.

Abra, Co-Founder

Yes, it’s a real name and no, it’s not short for anything. Born and raised in North London, Abra also spent 10 years living in Nottingham before trading in the beauty of the Midlands for the South West.

With an endless hankering for biscuits, Abra will usually be sneaking in the chocolate draw or dunking her favourites in burn-your-mouth hot tea (or cold water if no one’s looking).