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Review: Apple Cinnamon Crisps

Before we kick this off, hats off to Ben at Spare Snacks for doing his bit to reduce food waste and creating a great product in the process (they have a load of products we just haven’t tried them yet…). Well, how do we begin with this one? THESE THINGS ARE GREAT – sorry for shouting. They (nearly) give you all the warm and fuzziness that eating a big bowl of apple pie brings with barely any of the pastry/sugar guilt.  If you like cinnamon (we know cinnamon can be a sensitive subject for some) then these are a perfect autumn snack.

Spare Apple Cinnamon Crisps OVERALL Score: ★★★★★

We’ve had to knock a couple of points off here and there but don’t let that put you off – we couldn’t recommend these more and wish we could have given them five stars across the board– it was so close (and we’re very picky customers)!


The Good Bits

It feels as though there should be more good bits for these little beasts. While the simplicity of the product kind of cuts down the conversation points, we think it is also one of their strengths. We’re really not sure how they’ve achieved such an epic snack with some dried apple and cinnamon.

  1. They’ve really got the flavour bang on with these, the cinnamon is just at the right level to bring a cosy feeling and warm you up as the misery of the British autumn begins!
  2. The texture is great for an air-dried apple – they do have a nice bite
  3. Normally healthiness wouldn’t be a focus for us… I mean we’re called Vegan Junk Box, but with no added sugar and counting towards one of your five a day they’ve really hit the ball out the park with these snacks – they genuinely taste way too good not to be bad for you!
  4. These snacks are right up the top of the junk-factor scale, you could keep munching on these all day long
  5. They’re made from wonky apples! We’re not sure it gets better than that.

The Bad Bits

I mean we really had to look for the bad bits here and I wouldn’t let them put you off!

  1. The packaging isn’t great – we had pretty low expectations from get-go
  2. At close to a quid for a pack they’re a tad on the expensive side but hopefully these will come down in price to make them more accessible – but don’t get us wrong, we will be buying them again and hope you do too!
  3. The texture is a bit chewier than we’d like and sometimes we found ourselves wishing the chewiness wasn’t there, but I don’t know if you can get any better with dried apple to be honest

Final Thoughts on Spare Apple Cinnamon Crisps

These really are fruity crisps of comfort and joy, comfort and joy, o-oh fru-i-ty crisps of com-for-t and joy.  They hold their ground against any processed pack of sugary goodness – which is honestly impressive with their healthy credentials. Next time you’re craving for a McDonalds apple pie  drive on past the golden arches and get yourself a pack of these – you won’t regret it!

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Nutritionally Vacant Statement

Warning! Junk food may be nutritionally vacant. Eat your greens. Reds, oranges and purples too. Oh, and do some exercise. All we know is that we’d rather have one chocolate bar a week and REALLY enjoy it, than munch on some dusty old cr*p masquerading as a “treat”. Live a little! Just not too much…