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Review: Chocolate Hazelnut Misfits

We always open “protein bars” with an overwhelming feeling of despair. When the main focus of a snack is on its protein levels and not the flavour, you’re generally off to a bad start. But after opening the Misfits Chocolate Hazlenut I was pleasantly surprised by both the appearance and smell of the bar. I was so excited to finally be eating a high-protein vegan chocolate bar that actually tasted good… but, unfortunately, it wasn’t to be!

Chocolate Hazelnut Misfits OVERALL Score: ★☆☆☆☆

We know, we know, one star does feel a bit harsh. The bar did look and smell great when first took it out of the packet, and if you often opt for protein options then this might be for you. But when it comes to junk food, let’s look at why Misfits Chocolate Hazelnut bar scored only a single star.


The Good Bits

Surprisingly, there were quite a few good bits. I’m not including the high-protein and low-sugar content as “good bits”. I mean, nutritionally, they may be beneficial – but I’m no nutritionist. We’re here for the flavour!

  1. The bar looked and smelt great straight out of the packet. So good, in fact, we really started to get excited.
  2. The chocolate ganache is quite nice, it’s smooth and has a good flavour. The texture is a little oily but not too oily. None of this matters though as it’s completely overpowered by the filling.
  3.  The caramel is sweet and has a subtle chew. The main problem with the caramel is that it’s positioned just above the main filling… and, well, we’ll get to that.

Unfortunately, that’s where the good bits end to be honest. And the bad bits are really quite bad.

The Bad Bits

I think we all know what’s going to happen next…

  1. The main filling is chalky, dry and powdery. This is not surprising as (by the looks of it) it’s a combination of chicory root fibre and pea protein…. mmm tasty. Did I mention that it also tastes pretty bad? Well it does.
  2. We get nervous as soon as we see protein information on packaging. If this is supposed to be a tasty chocolate-based confectionery, 15g of protein seems a bit much.
  3. It’s going to cost you about £2.49 for a few minutes of misery.
  4. The junk-factor is 0. We never want to eat one of these again.

Final Thoughts on Chocolate Hazelnut Misfits

Let’s be honest, there was no coming back from a filling this disastrous. It sucked every inch of enjoyment out of the ganache and caramel. It left you needing about a litre of water and a packet of SMINTS to get over the whole experience. God I love a SMINT!

Overall, if you’re only concerned about having a high-protein and low-sugar snack I’m sure this chocolate bar is a little slice of heaven. Eat it, go to the gym take photos of yourself, upload them to Instagram and lie to everyone about how great your life is. If that’s what you want to do – go for it.  But personally, I’d rather eat some tofu (for the protein) and then get my chops around something that actually tastes nice, like a  Joker™ bar or something…

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Nutritionally Vacant Statement

Warning! Junk food may be nutritionally vacant. Eat your greens. Reds, oranges and purples too. Oh, and do some exercise. All we know is that we’d rather have one chocolate bar a week and REALLY enjoy it, than munch on some dusty old cr*p masquerading as a “treat”. Live a little! Just not too much…

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  1. I checked the ingredients and it doesn’t even have hazelnut in it! Just almonds!! Idk why or how they call call it hazelnut if it doesn’t have it in, unless I’ve read it wrong but I did double check!

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