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Review: Domino’s ‘The Chick-Ain’t’ Pizza

Domino's Chick-Ain't Pizza

For Veganuary 2021 Domino’s added even more vegan options and it’s no understatement to say we were overjoyed. The original vegan pizza line up included the Vegan Margherita and the Vegan Vegi Surpreme. A Vegan Garlic and Herb Dip and Potato Wedges were also optional additions.

However, now we have the new Chick-Ain’t pizza, Vegan Nuggets and the expansion of the original vegan pizza range to include Classic Crust or Italian Style. Originally only the Classic Crust in Medium was available. But large pizza fans, have no fear. The addition of the Italian Style means we can have large vegan pizzas now!

Domino’s ‘The Chick-Ain’t’ Pizza OVERALL SCORE: ★★★★☆

We were big fans of this one. We couldn’t recommend it more.



As self-confessed Domino’s addicts, it’s hard to be objective here but we’ll try our best.

  1. It is just like a classic Domino’s. If you were fans of Domino’s pizzas before going vegan then you won’t be disappointed.
  2. The texture is great – the base was both soft but had substance to it. The texture of the Chick-Ain’t pieces was just as you’d expect of any chicken substitute and the cheese adds a layer of luxury without sticking to your teeth too much or becoming overpowering (like we’ve found with Pizza Hut’s vegan pizzas)
  3. It tastes just as you’d want a takeaway pizza – the Chick-Ain’t has a hint of BBQ about it but isn’t overpowering.
  4. It’s easy to order, quick to pick up and they now have lots of additional extras to add to your order!


I mean we really had to look for the bad bits here and I wouldn’t let them put you off!

  1. One of our main gripes with Domino’s is the price – £19.99 is a lot of money to pay for one pizza even with voucher codes, it can be hard to justify when you can buy vegan pizzas for a quarter of the price (or less) at a supermarket, or make your own for even less.
  2. Although it might be fun to have a meat substitute, we didn’t feel like it added much. It promised a lot but didn’t quite deliver the excitement we were expecting.
  3. It’s perfect for what it is – a takeaway pizza. But it will never compete with a wood-fired delight from a local pizzeria.
  4. We’ve found Domino’s can be quite inconsistent – if you end up with too much cheese, you might find it sticking to your teeth!

FINAL THOUGHTS ON Domino’s ‘The Chick-Ain’t’ Pizza

If you’re in need of a classic dirty takeaway pizza, then Domino’s is the one for us. We’ve found it much nicer than both Papa John’s and Pizza Hut who both struggle with the cheese element (either too sticky or too strong). Just make sure you’ve got a voucher code under your belt.

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